Tejas Rodeo Entertainment & Activities   


Full Professional Rodeo Bull riding
1hr to 1 ½ hr show (typically runs from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, not including slack). Performance is an open pro rodeo, featuring bull riding, barrel racing, team roping, mutton bustin’ and so much more! (Available for Special Events and Private Performances)

Mechanical BullJennifer&Steve-241
Hold on to your hats, as this ride is more than 8 seconds long, if you can handle it! It’s a thrill a minute and is available during each Saturday night rodeo at $5.00 per ride.
If you plan to ride the mechanical bull, please print out and sign the release (pdf).
(Available with operator every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special/Private Events)

*Warning*All participants must sign a release before they ride the mechanical bull. If you have a pre-existing medical condition (including, but not limited to pregnancy, back, neck, heart, or other medical condition), then you should not ride the mechanical bull. As with all similar attractions, please note that there is a risk of personal injury by participating in this activity. Please ride at your own risk.

Photo Bull
Great for action shots with the whole family, our life size stuffed bucking bull is available for Rodeo3you to take photos and make a true Tejas memory! Also great for that perfect corporate card, without actually being bucked off the mechanical bull, ask about a custom photo session with a rodeo photographer.
(Available every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special Events)

Roping 101
We offer private lessons for groups, where we provide 2 to 3 instructors and a group of dummies to teach the basics of swinging and lasso and roping calves. (Available for Special Events)

 Staged LonghornsLonghorns
We own a small herd of authentic Texas longhorns, whom we honor in each Saturday night rodeo performance. These historical and incredible animals can also be available for your group to observe and experience. (Available for Special Events)

 Calf Scramble
There is a Calf Scramble conducted for the kiddos every Saturday night during rodeo season, but this fun (and entertaining) event is available for private parties and special events as well. *Event consists of three to four calves with ribbons on their tails released into arena with group of children. Object is to get the ribbons off the calves’ tails to win a prize.
(Available every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special Events)

 Boot Shine
Step through our Saloon swinging doors and give your boots the perfect shine.
(Available every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special Events)

Live Music
We can provide live music for you and your group, and can typically offer a range of music, anywhere from traditional country, to western swing, to 80s rock,  and even Americana/Red Dirt.
(Available every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special Events)


Mutton Bustin’ Mutton Buster Ride

The famous “8 second ride” for our cowboys and cowgirls in training. Children 55 lbs. or less can gear up and ride a sheep for the audience, and for a score, in hopes of winning the Mutton Bustin’ Champion Trophy.

(Available every Saturday night during Rodeo Season and for Special Events)


Chuck Wagon Demonstration & Dessert       chuckwagon
Our real chuck wagon demonstration is a unique show and a dessert you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Just like in the true cowboy days, homemade cobbler is poured into cast iron Dutch ovens, lowered into and covered by hot campfire coals, and baked to perfection. It doesn’t get any fresher or more authentic than this!
(Available for Special Events only)

For more information, and to book your event today, please call (830)-980-2205,  or email us at info@tejasrodeo.com, and ask for Cassie (Events Manager) or Tom (General Manager).